Similar Shaft to Diamana Ahina 60X in 910D3 8.5

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David E

About to upgrade to the 913 D3 and want to get a similar shaft to my current Diamana Ahina 60X. Anyone have any suggestions. Would the Diamana D+ 62 play similar to Diamana Ahina 60X. Would Diamana Blue S+ 62 in X stiff play similar to the Project X. I have both of these shafts for my 910D3 and like both of them. Would the Diamana S+ have better feel than the Diamana D+.

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Cameron D


The White D+ 62 would play more similar to the Ahina then the Diamana S+.  The D+ will have a lower launch and will spin the ball less similar to that Ahina.  The S+ will be more of a mid launching option. 



Chris S


 The good news is the shafts from your 910 will fit the 913 in case the new shaft doesn't work for you.

 Chris S