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Cade P

My son is 13 and is a pretty good golfer....avg score around 78 from white tees. He's 5'5 and left-handed. We are planning on getting him a driver, 3 wood, and hybrid. I'm thinking of going with the D3 as it's a smaller, lighter head. His ball speed is around 123. My main question is on shafts. I'm thinking of having them cut down an inch. I was thinking of going with the RIP Phenom 50 Stiff for the driver which is 52grams. Then I was thinking of going with the RIP Phenom 60 stiff for 3 wood which is 63grams. When I talked to rep with Aldila he suggested the same shaft for the hybrid as he thought going any higher would make the club seem too heavy; however, I noticed when looking at shafts the hybrid options start around 80gram shafts. What do you suggest? I wasn't really a golfer and just want to give my son the best equipment as he plays in some pretty big tournaments. We went to the PGA Superstore in Kennesaw for a fitting but they never have any of the lightweight shafts that are more suited to juniors. Suggestions??? BTW he plays the AP2 irons and loves them!