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need closest indoor club fitting   to va

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


You should be able to find one here:

Don O


need closest indoor club fitting   to va

Indoor, you can to most of the major big box retailers.  Fitting off of mats but hitting down range during inclement weather, look at the listing for 1757 course in near Dulles airport.

steve b

Don O and anyone else looking to get fitted correctly.  Hitting from mats greatly distorts the launch angle with irons, hybrids and fairway metals.  A big part of fitting is getting the correct launch angles in order to maximize distance and get the ball to stop on a green.  So --- if you play your golf from grass then you need to get fitted hitting from grass.  And, you should be hitting Pro V golf balls not range balls.

Steve Ball

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


Paul D,

I am the General Manager and Master Fitter at Golf Tour Trailer & Studio @ 1757.  We have an indoor studio that opens up onto the range so you can see the flight of the ball.  We also have grass just outside our door that we can use to see how the clubs do off the turf as well.  We are a Titlest Advance Fitter and have the most complete fitting components offered.  We have fit most of the Titleist Staff Professionals in the area. 

Check out our website and give me a call.

Roger Hatcher, PGA