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Ian C

i am going to order the 913f (15 and 19 degrees) and the 913h (21 degrees).

i was fitted for ap2s last season with a 1degree up and half inch longer shaft-i am 6"2inches tall.this is perfect for me.

as far as fairway wood fitting my local pro tells me shaft length is not such an issue and standard length is sufficient.i see lie can be adjusted at the surefit hozel.

my question is should i select a half inch longer shaft for my new fairways/hybrid since my ap2 irons are a half inch longer or should i just go with standard length as my pro suggests.

Also my ap2s have 1 extra layer for the grip

club concierge Cathy helped me with my ap2 selection-was hoping for a reply before i put in my order-thankyou