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Jerry N

I have fairly fast hand speed-tend to be a bit "quick" at impact-looking to purchase the new 913D2 Driver with a 10.5 degree loft (i tend to de-loft by 2-3 degrees at impact ) My average distance is 255-265 and have always played with stiff shafts both in the irons and woods- what shaft would you recommend that would give a consistent penetrating flight but would not ballon-also one of my tendencies



Skylar T

With what you are describing you should probably go with a heavier shaft around 70 grams and stiff.  I think a heavier shaft might slow down your transition if you tend to get "quick".  So maybe the diamana+ white 72 stiff or the RIP phenom 70 stiff.  I would try both of those out. 

Mike B

The project X 7C3 will give you a penetrating launch and low spin, and it is 73 grams, so the heavier shaft would help with you being too quick.

Hope this helps


Club Champion


A proper fitting would do you a world of good.  It would give you the opportunity to see what shaft/head combo will work for your swing.  It is amazing the confidence you can get from a proper fitting.


Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


There are very many head/shaft combinations that are available. I think it would be a big disservice to recommend a shaft to help your game with the information that you have provided.

You need to get to a fitter so that he can see your swing and ball flight. During the fitting process you will try a number of different shafts and Sure-Fit Tour hosel adjustment settings. This is really the only way to get the proper shaft for your swing.

Scott E

I was fitted yesterday for the 913 d2 9.5*.  I also play a stiff shaft. I tried the Aldilia RIP 60 and the 70g. The spin rate was way to high on the 70g and my launch angle was also higher.  I couldn't tell the difference swinging the two, but it showed on the monitor. The spin rate on RIP 60 was also a bit high, but we decided to go with that  and have it tipped 1" to lower the spin rate. But that's just me.  Definitely get fitted.