Weights in the new 913 Driver

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David T

I just got a new 913 D2 10.5,, I have it set at B2 With a  PROV 1 X and a Diamana Blue 72 shaft same as my 910 D2

My swing speed is 107, L/A is 12.0,B/V 3147.3, B/S is at 3555, S/S is +195 I get a good ball flight, just not getting the distance I should be ( spin rate ) I think.? Right around 230 to 240 carry?? Can the weights do anything for me.

62 years old with a 4 handycap

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Cameron D


Those weights will adjust the swing weight only and won't have an effect on the other numbers listed.  If you want to change the feel of the club, as far as swing weight goes, then consider ordering an individual bezel weight to bring the swing weight down a couple points.  I would recommend trying a lower loft setting, which should have an effect on the spin.  Your launch angle looks good, so lowering your loft setting shouldn't hurt your launch angle too much.