Upcoming Regional Fitting Center Appointment

New user here. Excited for my upcoming appointment with Kyle at Jim McLeans Golf School in Ft Worth, TX  this Saturday the 16th. I was hoping to make a trip out there last year but ended up with a back injury. Looking forward to what I'm sure will be a fantastic experience with great results. Excited to hit both the MB's and CB's. I will be doing a full bag fitting and will be happy to post details this weekend.

Hi Ryan,

Have a great time at your fitting. Kyle is one of the best and the Jim McLean Golf School is top notch. Definitely keep us posted.



The fitting today was awesome! Kyle was very knowledgeable and patient with me as I was having more miss hits than usual. We spent a lot of time on keeping my highish ball flight under control. Excellent experience and well worth the 6+ hour round trip drive lol. Highly recommend that if you are anywhere near the Dallas/Ft Worth area to go see Kyle for a fitting.