Projext X Black Hybrid Shaft in 913H

Hey Team Titleist,

Was wondering if the Project X black is a custom shaft option for the 913H?  I called customer service the other day and they said it was, even though it isn't listed in the custom club catalog online.  I asked a friend who is a golf pro to verify and he said according to his guy at Titleist it is not a custom option.  Can somebody help clear this up for me?

Hi Justin,  The PX Black is available as an "off menu" shaft in 6.0,6.5,and 7.0.  Off menu means that it is not in our custom matrix, but we can order it as a courtesy to you.  We do ask that once the order has been placed, it is not changed or cancelled because we do not have a specific sku for this shaft.

Thanks Cathi,

Do you know what the upcharge is?  And can I order it myself or do I have to have a golf shop do it?  My understanding is that for Titleist that the shop has to order it so I just wanted to make sure that's correct.  I have a friend who is a pro at a local course and he could probably order it for me.  The order will not be canceled, I've been wanting this combo for a long time!

Hi Cathi,

Sorry if I'm replying twice.  Do you know what the upcharge is for the shaft?  And my understanding is that I cannot order directly from Titleist but have to have a golf shop do it.  I just wanted to make sure that was right, as I have a friend who could make the order for me.


Hi Justin,  Yes,, you would have to place the order through your local pro (friend) and he will be able to give you the pricing as we don't have an MSRP for upcharge shafts.