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susan m

Hi Team Titleist

I received a 913 driver for my birthday. It has a Diamana 62 flex-R shaft. My swing speed is  mid 80's. I cannot seem to get as much distance from the driver as I thought I would; my 3 Hybrid is a cleve with a Miyazaki 59hb S shaft and I am getting around the same distance with it. 

Any suggestions on possibly a different shaft for the driver, the rest of my clubs are Mens senior Cobra's with Miamya iHS 60 flex/lite.

Thanks for your help.

Don O

Presumably you will benefit with more loft.  The Diamana is a mid-launch  shaft and the lightest flex is listed as regular.  The Bassara will launch higher and has L, A, and R flex options that could work in the mid-80's.  You also didn't specify the head loft.  The head can be adjusted an additional 1.5 degrees of loft.  If you have a 10.5 it can be adjusted to 11.25 or 12.5 degrees. It is important to get fitted to determine if a Sure-fit adjustment and/or another shaft will help. If you bought this from a retailer, they should at least check the setup for you.

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Susan,  Welcome to the Team!  Where are you located?  We would recommend seeing a good fitter that can take a look at your launch conditions and see why you are not maximizing your distance.  You can either post your location or give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST and we would be happy to find a good fitter in your area.

susan m

Hi Cathi

I am located in the Republic of Panama; about 1 hour from Panama City. If you know of club fitter in our area I would be very grateful. Generally speaking though; is a more flexible shaft a better choice for a slower club head speed? I don't have any issues with getting loft on my ball; just distance it seems. I watched the LPGA girls this past weekend and was inspired by how they are swinging the club. I  have been too fast with my take away and downswing and loosing my power. Now I am working on my release at impact and managing to get 85 yards or so with the P wedge. I will try my driver soon.......

Thanks for your assistance.


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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

For women, swinging fast is usually not a bad thing as they are always trying to gain distance.  We do have a distributor in Panama City.  Give him a call and he should be able to help you find a fitter in the area.

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