913 D3 10.5 - Difference from 910?

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Chad W


I am a college golfer who just bought a 913 D3 10.5 with the RIP PHENOM shaft. My father has the 910 driver and I feel as if the 913 overpowers it in advancements in technology so much! My question to you guys and girls is that I am looking at a 5 wood and am wondering the differences between 910 and 913 is and if it worth the extra dough. I believe I can get the 910 for $80 and the 913 for 130, so is it worth it?



Dr. Kovatchian

Play the 910....you can pickup the F & FD heads and a good shaft for way less than the new 913's...

I would say you are not going to notice that much of a difference....it's all in the shaft.