How will bounce change when bending iron heads?

Started by : Joseph C |

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Joseph C

When you bend a head the bounce will change, that's a given. Just curious, if you bend the head stronger 56* to 55 * will the bounce get higer or lower, say 11* bounce to 12* or 11* to 10* and the opposite, if you go from a 54* to a 55* how will the bounce change?  Thanks!

James T

If you bend it stronger(56 to 55) then you are taking away bounce and if you make it weaker you add  bounce.

Joseph C

Thanks, that makes sense.

Joseph C

If you make it stronger by say 1* approximately how many degrees of bounce would you remove?

Connor I.

Hey Joseph, it is a 1:1 ratio, for example, if you bend a 56-11 a degree strong it will then be 55-10. If you bend a 54-11 a degree weak it will be 55-12. When you bend a golf club weaker, you add bounce. When you bend a club stronger, you decrease bounce etc..         Hope this helps!



Quintin H


The angle between the face and the sole is fixed......unless you use a grinder.

Add 1* loft you add 1* bounce