KBS shafts in 712 AP1

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Billy U

Hello, I ordered a set custom  through you back in January when I was the pro at Fort Myers Beach Golf Club(Bay Beach). I upgraded to the KBS Tour shafts (7-AW) I am totally disappointed with the performance combination. The club feels like a board, no feel...and I am hitting everything off the toe. What would it cost for me to have them re-shafted to a TT DG s300. Thanks.

I have a set of 704 CB with TTDG S300 in and pure them in the middle of the club. So frustrated...Please help. Thanks.


Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The cost to have those re-shafted to the TT DYG S300 would be $50/club.  The fact that you are hitting them off the toe, may mean that the clubs are possibly too short or too flat.  I would recommend visiting one of your local Club Fitters to have them work with you in finding the correct shaft that performs like it should and feels good.  They will also be able to assist in figuring out the reason for the toe heavy shots.  

Here are a couple Club Fitters that I would recommend visiting:

The Concession Golf Club

Advanced Fitting CenterWhat is this?

BRADENTON, FL 34202-4604 

The Golf Shop - Ft Myers Fl

SureFit CartWhat is this?

11900 S cleve AVE
FORT MYERS, FL 33907-2971 

Let us know if you have any other questions about getting fit or re-shafting your irons.