913F 15 Degree with Bassara Shaft

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ted l


I'm looking for a 3 wood that I can hit off the deck and get some elevation as well as distance.  My driver swing speed is ~95 and my 3 wood swing speed is ~90.  I just returned a cally X-Hot 3 wood because I couldn't get it much higher than 10-15 feet.  I was just at GolfSmith hoping to test the 913F with a regular Bassara shaft because Titleist's web site says that shaft produces a high launch, but they don't have that model in stock. 

Would that shaft give me what I'm looking for?


Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning


It's always best to be fit by your local Certified Titleist rep/club. When you say "10-15 feet"...to get the perfect fit for you and what you're looking for, we'd need to know your launch angle, ball speed, spin, deviation and much more. Yes, the Bassara is a higher launching shaft. The 'ilima is also a good higher launching shaft. There are tons of shafts to choose from, but those are the 2 stock shafts that I'd recommend with no up-charge.  

Lou G

I have the Bassara shafts on my 910F 19* and 910H 27* and they have the right trajectory for me and don't balloon like TM.

I tend to hit a 3 wood a bit high and actually hit an 18 fairway the same distance.   I don't carry a 3 wood because the 19F gets me around the golf course just fine and I hit the green on the longer par 3s; I also have a 13* driver.

See a Titleist fitter.