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Jeffrey S


I have currently been playing KBS Tour X stiff shafts in my AP2s as well as my vokey wedges.  Are the X shafts  in the wedges a good choice or should I be at Stiff? I'm open for suggestions / benefits of keeping or changing.

Handicap is 2.



Eric S

Most tour players who us xstiff shafts use stiff in their wedges for a lil better feel. Personally I rarely rip at a wedge so stiff is perfect in my wedges.  If you use x100 try s400 in an old wedge or one of your gamers to see if you like it. 

Tim S

a 2??? wow....any hopes of Q school? if you are a 2, not sure it matters ;)

John L

three answer to that is how do you feel? are you happy with how your wedges are working for you now?  i went from standard wedge shafts to x100 shafts and i have been happy with the change. i closed a yardage gap between my pitch and gap wedge. so i think the real thing is if your happy with your current wedge game i would keep the shafts you have in it.

cheers greens and fairways simba

Club Champion


I have the KBS Tour X in my clubs as well. Had them in my Vokey TVD's last year.  Just got mu new wedges in and ordered them with DG S200's.  Really like the softer feel.


Padraic S

definitely stiff you're swing speed is alot slower with the wedges i would get something really spinny with my wedges dg spinner spins alot kbs are alright just get stiff good luck



I personally like to go to a weaker shaft in the wedges since I'm not putting a full swing on it and for better feel.

X100 in my irons and S400 in my wedges.

Joshua O

I also have the same shaft selection. Tour issue X100 in my 172 MB's and DG S400 in my TVD 52*,56*,60*. Generally you don't take more than a 3/4 swing with wedges. The little heavier shaft helps with the feel around the green. How often do you stand over a wedge and say that you need to rip it? 


I was thinking about this last year also here is why and what I did. I hit the ball very high and have a hard time flighting my wedges and keeping the spin down. I switched to Tour Issue X100's and have never been happier. I am able to control the flight and spin so much better. So if you have flight and spin issues then I would switch if not stick with what you have.