Sure Fit Performance Guide ?

I was recently fit for a driver at a Titleist Fitting Network retailer.  I currently play a 909D2 in 10.5*.  After the fitting, the fitter recommendended a 913D2 in 12.0*, B-4 setting, Diamana D+ White 72x.

My questions is as follows "Would a 10.5* in  a B-1 setting have the same specs as the 12.0* in the B-4 setting (11.25* effecitve loft with face open)?"  Please note that I am left handed!

I live in Minnesota and was fitted during the late winter months after not swinging a club since November and am concerned that swing was off due to not playing.

Thanks in advance for the help.


The only difference will be the effective face angle.  The 10.5* in the B-1 will have an effective face angle of .5* closed.  The 12* in the B-4 setting will be 1.5* open.