diamana kali or project x

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chris h

how close is the kali s flex   to the project x 7c3 6.0 shaft 

Robert J

The Titleist Diamana Kali will launch higher and spin more than the Project X.

A shaft to consider rather than the Kali would be the Diamana S+ in 72 gram version.

Should be easier to properly load the S+ more than the project X, as the project X shafts are in between flexes, more towards the higher side. So a Project X 7C3 plays similar to a stiff plus flex.

Look at the Titleist charts for shafts on the website, pretty accurate for launch and spin characteristics of shafts offered.

chris h

Thanks Robert, as a matter of interest would the  Diamana Athina s flex be more of a match, as i have the chance of one at a good price.



Robert J

The Ahina will launch lower than the Project X, and feel firmer overall.