AP1 irons for a junior

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Mikael H


I am thinking of getting AP1's for my 13 year old son. He plays a ladies 910D2 and a ladies 913h. He is not that tall, about 5.1. When it comes to the irons I am thinking etither to go with the graphite ladies version, or, a mens version with the nippon 950 regular shaft cut 1 inch and soft stepped. In both cases with a 1° flat lie. What would be the differences with these two alternatives?


Cameron D


The difference between the two would be about 1 swing weight point and the fact that one shaft is steel regular and the other is a ladies graphite.  They both have similar ball flight characteristics, but even with the Nippon 950 soft stepped once it will still play slightly stiffer then the graphite ladies flex.  Feel will eventually be the biggest determination, since the ladies flex graphite will play softer then the Nippon 950.