Correct Wedge Shaft after Switching to NSPRO 970 in AP2s

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Curtis V


I just switched back to Titleist AP2s and put in the NSPro 970 Shaft (stiff flex).  This is a great combination for me.  I really like the look and feel of the AP2 but wanted a little lighter shaft to help launch the ball a little better.  I 

Now my question is what shaft to use in my two wedges? My swing speed with a driver is about 98mph and a six iron around 80, so kind of typically I just tended to have a lower ball flight.


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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

 If you are using a gap wedge and a sand wedge, put the same shaft in the gap wedge (NS Pro 970 stiff) since it is a full shot wedge and you can go with the same shaft or a little heavier shaft in the sand wedge.

Curtis V

Thank you.  

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David Browning

I keep the same PX 6.5 in my gap wedges when I put them in the bag. However, I use the NS Pro WV 125 wedge shafts in my higher lofted wedges. I absolutely love them.