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New Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 MID Belly Putter 42" Long.


Several questions to the Technical Support Group.

I like my putter but would like to convert this belly putter to a conventional 35" Length.

How much heavier is the MID putter head than than the Newport 2 Notch Back?

Is the belly putter shaft heavier than the conventional Newport 2 Notch Back shaft?

I have considered counter balancing/back weighting but the overall weight of the MID putter head and the back weight makes the putter too heavy.

Would my best option be to sell or trade this MID Putter in on a Newport 2 Notch Back or do I have any other options?

Thanks in advance for your response. GT.

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  1. Tyler C

    Hi there, did you get any answers? I am looking at cutting down my Newport 2 Mid as well. 

  2. GARY T

    Sorry... No Reply from anyone and had hope that Titliest Technical Support would respond. Thanks for the reply. GT.

  3. Cameron D


    The Newport MID head is 25-45 grams heavier then the Newport 2 Notchback (depending on the length).  The belly putter is heavier then the conventional shafts since their diameters are larger.  One option that some players are considering would be to cut the MID length down a couple inches so they are not anchored anymore.  Know that the putters themselves are not and will not be illegal, just the stroke (beginning 2016).  Hope this helps.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about this.



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