913D2 shaft options

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Wesley M

Went to a range and demoed drivers yesterday and really enjoyed the 913d2. First hit it with a 62g diamana stiff shaft and was hitting it pretty well maybe with a slight fade. I decided to try the diamana whiteboard 72g x flex shaft and was hitting it perfectly with a slight draw. I am a little confused as to why this turned out that way. I think I am going to purchase the 913d2 with the x flex shaft and I was wondering if that is a stock shaft for the 913d2 or if it is an upcharge. I thought it was a stock shaft considering they had it in the SureFit bag.

Wesley M

Also I had my swing speed checked when I tried out the drivers and it was right around 119.

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Cameron D


The 62g stiff shaft could have been a little light for you and promoted too much spin, causing the difference in ball flight.  That Diamana White D+ 72 XS is a stock shaft.