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Austin S

Hey I can't seem to find a local fitter to do a putter fitting.  Unfortunately, the facilities in CA and MA don't do putter fittings either.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I prefer a 34 inch blade-style putter.

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Where are you located? I can try to recommend someone for you.


Austin S

Roswell, GA. I have tried many places with no luck. Thanks for your help!

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I want to get fit properly and professionally for a Cameron putter. I own four and am not sure if any of them are right for me. This uncertainty is eating into my game and confidence as I've been fitted with the other 13 clubs at TPI during a tour fitting. Please advise. I live in AZ but will be in San Diego in Dec. Thanks!
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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi,  At this time, we don't have any Scotty Cameron Putter fittings available at our facility.  Matt over at the Grand GC, Del Mar does do putter fittings using a SAM system.  His number is:  858.452.3226.