Titleist Voodoo X flex driver shaft on 909 D3 Driver comparison to stock 913 D3 shafts

Hi, My son swings at about 112 mph and has a smooth transition.  He has played the 909 D3 with the Titleist Voodoo X flex with very good results for several years.  We are working on upgrading him to a new Driver and he likes the 913 D3 head very much.  We would like to act fairly quickly and narrow our search for a proper shaft fit.  From looking at the charts for the 909 and 913 shafts, it appears the Rip Phenom 70 X flex may be a good fit.  He doesn't want to hit it low so we dropped out of the Diaman D+, but we are a little curious about the Rip Alpha.  Which shaft feels and plays most similarly (or better than) the older Titleist Voodoo?





The Phenom 70 would be the most comparable to that Voodoo that was in the 909.  It is a little more stable in the butt section of the shaft, which may change the feel slightly, but playing characteristics are almost identical.



Hey Cameron,

Thanks for the reply.  That info helps us as the VooDoo shaft has been a good fit for him and the tech upgrades in the new head and shafts should be a very nice package.  

Greatly appreciate your prompt reply and this service that Titleist provides.

Take care,