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Fede G

I've been playing DG S-300 for as long as i can remember....In the past few years, my number of rounds have gone down quite a bit - family comes first!

I'm getting ready to get the new AP2 - onces available - and going through a quick fitting I was told by the rep (different company) that i should be using an X-100 soft-stepped. Since it's custom, i can't even try them. I was wondering how big a difference there would be between S300 and X100 SS.


Matt B

The S300 & X100 shafts have the same weight. The X100 ss 1x would feel firmer and lower the ballflight slightly. The closest comparison to flex would be to demo a project X 6.0 shaft. I opted for the dynamic gold S400 shaft same flight as S300 with little less dispersion for my swing.