purchasing new 913d2 driver - shaft question

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Louis G

I'm building a new set of clubs, have ordered new vokey wedges, and the driver is next.  i'm an average player, who hits the driver 230-240yds with a mid, sometimes low trajectory.  I currently have an 8 year old titanium 983e @ 9.5deg.  i have a natural fade/hook, and would like to get  more distance and straighten out my drives.  i have work to do on my swing, but would still like to have a great driver set up.  I would like something a little more intense than the stock shaft.  any help or suggestions for the proper shaft would be greatly appreciated.  

Cameron D


With all the custom shaft options available, it is tough to suggest what shaft will ultimately give you more distance and straighter drives.  I recommend looking at the characteristics of the shafts (kick point, weight, torque), comparing that to your current shaft and ball flight, and scheduling an appointment with a Club Fitter who can analyze your ball flight first hand.  The link below will take you to where you can view all the custom shaft offerings.




Nick P


I have battled hooks my entire playing career.  I was fitted for a D2 with an Oban Devotion shaft.  This thing is awesome.  However, I went to a 10.5 degree because the shaft is lower launching, or so said the rep.  That offset the traditional 9.5 i have always had.  I also learned that the loft on the bottom of the club isn't as important as the combo with the shaft giving proper launch. I have a great trajectory now with a shaft I have to work to turn over.  Give it a try, I highly recommend it.