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Driver Shaft

Kevin R

A friend just gave me a 907 D2 driver. I have a stiff shaft in my current driver and the D2 has an off brand regular shaft. What would be the correct stiff shaft that Titliest would put in that club?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Kevin,  The 907 is a tough reshaft because it has a lightweight hosel and cannot be heated as hot as others or it will melt.  It was also a bore thru design which means it had a 3.5"-4" parallel tip.  We no longer have those shafts and the only way we can reshaft that club is to blind bore it. 

    The stock shafts that were used in the 907:

    Aldila VS Proto65, YS 6+, Spec Grid 67, Proforce V2 76 and a Diamana Blue - the only shafts we currently have are the YS6+ and the V2 76.

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