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ahmad a

Hi there, i recently traded my miz mp 64 for the ap2 712  how ever they were 2 degrees upright i need to bend them down to at least 1 degree flat is that doable ? i am going to see a titleist fitter this afternoon and i would like to know from the experts if there is a problem with that . thanks 

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Ahmad,  We generally bend chromed heads two degrees max because of the chance of crimping the chrome.  If the chrome does crimp, it will not affect performance, but it might flake in the future.  If you want your clubs bent to 1 flat, we would recommend that you have us do it for you and have your Titleist fitter set up the repair for you. 

ahmad a

Hi cathi. How do i send you my clubs and what are the cost thanks.