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Todd S

Hi guys....I have a set of AP1 712's with the Tour AD 65i shafts in regular flex.  I am 50 years old and have been as low as a 2 HC (in my 20's).  Since that time, I have had 6 back surgeries which has really killed my club head speed!  

My driver Club head speed is down to 88-90 from 108!!  This and the back surgeries are the main reason I chose to try graphite shafts.  My normal "miss" is a pull hook with these irons/shafts.  They are standard length and lie as well.  I hit my 7 iron 145-150 yards and my driver (on the screws) around 260 yards.  

My question is, could I be "under" flexed with these shafts?  I am thinking I might need the same shaft in a stiff OR just go to something like a Project X 5.5 or 6.0 steel shaft?  I would like a few more yards and would like the trajectory to come down just a bit!!  

I just feel like even though my club head speed seems to fit the "regular flex" window....I still might need a stiffer shaft!!  

Also, is there a TItleist certified club fitter in or around the Las Vegas, Nevada area?  I think Golf Galaxy does fitting for Titleist, but I would like to go to an actual Titleist fitter....not a Golf retailer....................if possible!!!!  

Thanks so much and God bless, Todd

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Todd,  We would recommend seeing Brian Butler at Revere GC in Henderson - 702.617.5710 or Bo Crawford at TPC at Summerlin - 702.256.0222

Don O

You might want to get your swing checked as well.  I have the same driver speed but have the A-flex shaft in my AP1s.  When I pull hook, it is from not using enough hip rotation and over-rotating my shoulders.  My tendencey to do this starts with the shorter irons when it hurts a little more in my lower back.  I haven't had surgery, but I have issues.  After that I can eventually do the same with driver unless I slow myself down to not overswing.So it isn't likely to just be a club issue.  But that's what good fitters can do - see it for both a club and swing issue.

Todd S

Thanks everyone!!  I will say that I play with several Senior Tour players from time to time and have been told that my swing is very good......for an amateur!!!LOL!!!  

I usually play about a 10 yard draw.  My set used to consist of a driver with a stiff shaft and the rest would have regular+ shafts.  I went to a regular shaft in my driver as well and haven't liked the results, so I just went back to a stiff shaft in the driver.  I know that shafts differ from maker to maker as far as their stiffness, and one companies stiff is another companies regular.  

I have noticed a big difference since I switched to the stiff shaft in my driver!  More distance and better shot dispersion.  That's kinda why I am wondering if I should increase to a stiffer shaft in my irons?  I have a set of Project X 5.0 steel iron shafts that I can put in my AP1's so maybe I should just find a set of AP1's with that shaft and hit it for a while!?!?  At least that way I can see the actual ball flight and trajectory!  

Is anyone else hitting these irons with the Project X 5.0's in them?  

Like I said earlier, I have been a pretty good player in the past and have shot a low score of 66 at a US Open qualifying course.  But I have lost 17 MPH of club head speed since then and I occasionally dip my right shoulder in an attempt to protect my back and like Don said, I don't always get my hips around and my upper body gets to quick!  I even open my stance (like Bubba) with my driver in an attempt to get around with my hips easier....which has helped a bunch!  

Anyone else that has a thought on this.....I would appreciate it!!  And again, thanks Don and Cathi for their help!!!

God bless, Todd