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Brandon P


I am currently playing a 913f.d 15' with a 43" Fujikura Rombax Pro-95 X-Flex tipped 1/2". I was fit for this club with a 42.5 inch shaft but we ordered it the standard 43". I would like to trim it down to 42.5" as I like that length much better. Can I just trim off a 1/2" from the butt end? I would like to keep the swing weight around D-4 so I am thinking I will need to adjust the weight in the head as well. I was about to order a 18' model with the same set up and was thinking maybe I would be better served by trying the shaft from that model first before I cut down the shaft.



Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Brandon,  If we were to build it at 42.5", we would have butt cut it to length, so you can cut it 1/2".  You can get the swingweight back up by either putting a lighter weight grip or assuming you have a 9 gram weight now, you can order a 14 gram weight and that should bring it back.

Brandon P

Sounds good! It came with the red weight which I think is 9 gram right? The 14 is the black one correct? 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Yes, on the 913, the 14 gram is black, the 11 gram is blue, the 9 gram is red, the 7 gram is green and the 4 gram is white.