712U loft change.

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mike k

heard i could change 2&3 712U's loft 2deg lower(21,18 ->19,16)

is this true?

if its true, how can i order?

sometimes "golfsm??h" guy has no idea what to do when they get special order.

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The 712U is adjustable +/-2* for loft and lie.  Have your local authorized Titleist retailer order this requesting to be bent _* strong or weak.

Please let us know if you have an issues ordering.




I adjusted my 2 and 4 712U with a standard Mitchell Loft/Lie Bending Machine done by a local clubfitter without problem.  Of course, this was at my own risk however the clubs appear to have easily bent to my desired loft and lie combinations.