AP2 712 / Dynalite Gold XP - swing weight?



I was fitted for Titleist AP2 712 with Dynalite Gold XP (R300) 1/2" short and standard grip. What would the swing weight be if built to that specs?

AP2 712 is D2 with stock shaft TT Dynamic Gold. Built with standard heads I understand the swing weight will increase with a lighter shaft, Dynalite Gold XP R300 (113 gr) compared to stock shaft DG (127-130 gr). How will a shorter shaft affect the swing weight? Will 1/2" shorter shaft decrease the swing weight back to D2?

Anyone having answers to my questions?


The swing weight with those shafts and at that length would be C8.  The shafts will decrease the swing weight 2 points and the length will decrease the swing weight another 3 points.  We can manage getting one more swing weight back using a slightly heavier head, bringing the total swing weight to C8.




Thanks for answering my questions.