AP2 712 / Dynalite Gold XP - swing weight?

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Christer S



I was fitted for Titleist AP2 712 with Dynalite Gold XP (R300) 1/2" short and standard grip. What would the swing weight be if built to that specs?

AP2 712 is D2 with stock shaft TT Dynamic Gold. Built with standard heads I understand the swing weight will increase with a lighter shaft, Dynalite Gold XP R300 (113 gr) compared to stock shaft DG (127-130 gr). How will a shorter shaft affect the swing weight? Will 1/2" shorter shaft decrease the swing weight back to D2?

Anyone having answers to my questions?

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Cameron D


The swing weight with those shafts and at that length would be C8.  The shafts will decrease the swing weight 2 points and the length will decrease the swing weight another 3 points.  We can manage getting one more swing weight back using a slightly heavier head, bringing the total swing weight to C8.



Christer S


Thanks for answering my questions.