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Greg J

when I was fit for my 710 CB irons I was 1* strong & 1* up.  for example the standard spec for the 6 iron is Loft 31* , Lie 62.5*. 

I have not had them checked in over a year and played more than 40 rounds this year along with practice.  

Just so I know when I take them to get checked using the 6 iron the 1*strong specs should be Loft 30* and Lie being 63.5* or 61.5*(this is where I get confused)



Dylan W

Lie should be 63.5, also it is not uncommon for the specs, in forged irons especially, to be altered from use, because of the soft metal, so it is a very good idea to have them checked and bumped back to what you need

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

HI Greg,  The loft should be 30° and the lie 63.5° at 1 strong and 1 up.