Loft and Lie

when I was fit for my 710 CB irons I was 1* strong & 1* up.  for example the standard spec for the 6 iron is Loft 31* , Lie 62.5*. 

I have not had them checked in over a year and played more than 40 rounds this year along with practice.  

Just so I know when I take them to get checked using the 6 iron the 1*strong specs should be Loft 30* and Lie being 63.5* or 61.5*(this is where I get confused)



Lie should be 63.5, also it is not uncommon for the specs, in forged irons especially, to be altered from use, because of the soft metal, so it is a very good idea to have them checked and bumped back to what you need

HI Greg,  The loft should be 30° and the lie 63.5° at 1 strong and 1 up.