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1st Iron Club Fitting Experience

Randy L

Spoke with a couple of club fitters locally in S. FLA. regarding an iron fitting. One was indoor the other was outdoor. I chose the outdoor. Met with the club fitter prior to the day of the fitting explaining that my current irons (Sumo) Stiff Flex Standard Lie Loft Etc. Etc. are too light and that I am having tough time getting good distance out of my 4 and 5 irons. I hit my PW (135-145).  7 iron (170-180).  4 iron (210 max). Would expect it to be 210 with an easy smooth swing not trying to KILL it. 

During the meeting I asked him about the club fitting process and he basically only said that he has a full matrix of shafts / heads etc. I told him I was interested in TITLEIST AP2 and the MB'S. He did not mention anything about computers, analysis, etc. So, I left the consultation a little unclear as to what entails a iron fitting session.

Day of fitting. I arrived and began hitting my 52 degree to warm up. He took my 6 iron into the trailer to analyze it specs. He came back and gave me my (6 iron (180-190) to start hitting. After hitting about 20 I felt loose and was finally hitting good shots that he could observe in flight. He handed me about 3-4 sets of iron combos. The 4th club he made a 2 degree adjustment to lie angle (flat). I  started to hit the ball with a more consistent flight.

We settled on the TITLEIST AP 2 with 1/4 inch extra length and the 2 degree flat lie angle. The session lasted 1 hour and cost $100 at a very reputable facility in my area that holds a PGA Tour event annually.

If you have read the above completely THANKS. 

I was expecting a more scientific assesment. Rather than the fitter just watching me hit about 75 balls with only a (6 iron). Is it possible that I simply adapted to the new iron and produced quality shots with a lower trajectory than my current (6)...? I feel Yes. Without any numeric analysis ie. launch angle, spin rate. etc. Was the fitting a proper one?  I don't even know how far I was hitting the AP2 IRON that was prescribed to me. I felt like going back with my range finder and shooting it.

He said, he would send me his spec recommendations in an email. So, that's it. MY 1ST CLUB FITTING. (STINK EXPERIENCE).


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  1. John W


    Our academy is in Palm Beach... Please let us know if we can help in anyway to make sure you are happy with your equipment.

    John Webster

    Director of Instructiion

    JWGA- The Breakers Palm Beach

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