Awesome Morning with Bob Vokey

Such a cool experience!  Thanks for sharing so those of us not able to make it out can live vicariously through you guys!



Question about your wedges, I see one says prototype on the logo.  What does that mean?  What wedge model did you get?

The "Prototype" is one of the stamps you can get on the hand ground wedges. The 60 is a hand ground M grind with a pro groove and a thin topline in a raw finish. The 56 is a TVD with a raw finish bent to 55 degrees with a pro groove and a thin topline. The second 60 is a TVD-K with a raw finish.

Mr V. Is so cool and down to earth..  I loved his lil jabs when I 'mishit one..  Glad I did it today and learned the price is going up!