comparing lengh

All my previous clubs were standard and  2 Flat. .I got fitted at the PGA store for the 714's.  He checked my height .-  after a few swings, he told me to choke down probably less than an inch. I started hitting and all were right in the middle of the face. So he gave me , all standard except for the lenght which will  .5 shorter ....My question is , will the info he gave me be the same as all standard and dropping it to 2 degrees flat?  Hope you understood my question.  Thanks



my understanding is the longer the club the more the lie angle goes flat. So if that is the cause then shorting the club would cause you to hit with a more upright lie angle. If the guy doing the fitting understands the process then I think you would be fine with the adjustments made.

The recommendations sound reasonable without knowing your swing or ball flight. You can still bend them 1* flat if needed, most fitters will stand behind their recommendations & if purchased thru them would adjust them if needed no charge. My understanding is this, for every 1/2" shorter you go on the iron it will play aprx. .5*-1* flat depending on manufacturers standard specs. Look at it this way, if a 6 iron is 37.5"@ 62* lie, and a 7 iron is 37" at 62.5* lie, when you cut a 1/2" off the 6 iron you effectively change the club to a 7 iron length however you still have the 1/2* flatter lie angle of 62* 6 iron. I hope this makes sense to you!