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My D2 driver Lie

Ryan E

I was fitted at Manchester lane for my clubs, Driver thru wedges. My question is, i have been slowly hitting my driver closer and closer to the hosel of the club which is causing bad shots. My lie is set at the C-3 position and i`ve read that if you are hitting to close to the hosel it means the lie is too upright. Do i need to adjust as I`m learning improvements in my swing.

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  1. Gabe B



    I think the best advice I could give you would be to try and adjust the driver since we have the ability to do so and see if it improves the results. Consult a PGA professional to help you if you have questions of would like a trained eye to watch you swing and hit the driver. When you make changes to your swing the lies of your clubs can be affected depending on those changes.


  2. Cameron D


    Gabe is exactly right.  Make sure they check your length along with the setting that you may need to adjust it to.



  3. Ryan E

    I think its my swing changes. I`ve only been playin for 2 years and have really been trying to drop the club in the slot so to speak.

  4. Ryan E

    My 15Fd from manchester is actually a 1/2" short and that is my favorite club. Will that effect the swing weight much?

  5. Cameron D


    Going about -1/2" will usually knock off about 3 swing weight points.



  6. Ryan E

    Sorry to be a pain but would that take my swing weight of D3 down to a D0, which ironically is the same as my Fd fairway.

  7. Cameron D


    Yes, it would.  And please feel free to ask as many questions as you need :).



  8. Ryan E

    Can i change to a different bezel weight to achieve the same effect?

  9. Ryan E

    Took off the 1/2"----- can you say fairway finder!!! I wasn`t keeping score today, only played 9 because of temp in NJ but 5 out of the six i pulled driver i was in fairway. April cant get here soon enough!!

  10. Cameron D


    Yes, you can change the bezel weight and it will only effect swing weight.



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