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George V

Hello all

Just started going to the PGA Superstore up here in Northern NJ and love the place.

Wondering about getting new clubs and if you think it is a decent place to be fitted?

Do those guys know what they are doing?

I am 59, a 12 HC, but have been losing distance of late. 

Even thinking of (yikes!) graphite in new irons.

Any ideas would be welcome!



I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you just missed out on a Titleist Fitting / Demo Day there at Paramus (I presume his is the PGA Superdstore you refer to) a few weeks ago :(

From what I remember there was 1 sales rep there that games at least 1 Titleist club in his bag. They mostly game TM clubs and are more knowledgeable about those. By all means go through a preliminary fitting using a lie board, impact tape etc. but please ask for the fitter that is most knowledgeable of Titleist clubs. Nobody knew what the 712u was when I inquired about it. They have the full fitting cart there but are limited in shafts. What I highly recommend is the extra drive to go and get a proper fitting off grass using ProV1/ 1x and using Trackman at Sleepy Hollow Country Club with Kevin Sprecher. This is a Regional Fitting Center and has most of the shafts in the matrix. Without a doubt he is a great fitter / instructor / contributor. 

Ryan E

I would go to Titleist thmselves. I fiddled around at my Golfsmith in East Brunswick and there is no comparison. I`d call andy dobson and have him recommend what level of fitting you should use. I went for a tour fitting at Manchester Lane which i think every golfer should do once. his number is under golf club fitting on titleist web site.

Don O

Regional centers have better selection than Advanced Fitting Centers which have better selections of shafts/test clubs than carts.  Since the PGA Supoerstore has a fitting cart, you might not get the best option for you. Especially for LH golfers.  Titleist supplies almost all clubs in both, but the carts/bags have limited LH stock.

A fitting will determine how much help you need to launch a ball.  There are mid and high launch shafts in both metal and graphite.  Graphite is not just for folks headed for the red tees anymore,  The stock AP1s come in both metal and graphite which both help launch. Between equipment/ball changes and then adding in aging, if it has been 5 years since your last fitting - you're due.  Have fun looking at all the options.

George V

Thank you AJAR, I will see if I can wait!

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George V

Thank you Ryan!
Sounds like a plan - I am also looking into a golf trip/fitting session somewhere warm!

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George V

Will do Don - it is exciting just thinking about it, I may have to grab a buddy and do a trip-soon!

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