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Tony W

Hello everyone, this is my first post. 

considering a quick trip to Oceanside for a custom full bag fitting.  

Do I need to bring my current clubs, shoes etc?  Also how far in advance is the wait for an appointment on average? 

thanks   Love all the great info here. Looking forward to joining the Titleist Family and add to my current lonely Vokey 60 degree which I absolutely love!  


Welcome Tony!

I would hesitate no further and call Andy Dobson (760) 603-6117 to schedule an appointment at Oceanside for when you find convenient. You should bring your clubs so that the fitting session has some baseline from which to spring forward. If you haven't already done so, type in 'Oceanside' under the search tool above and you will see many fitting reviews. 

Tony W

Thank you. Yes I will call first thing Monday. 

jack d

Hi I would like to schedule at Oceanside please post contact info

jack d

Hi, great ring me later 1 805 440 6719

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Team Titleist Staff

Brice Waddell


Here is the information regarding Titleist Tour Fittings:

Titleist Tour Fitting
The ultimate personal fitting experience. Conducted at our state-of-the-art test facilities in California and Massachusetts, golfers are treated exactly like our PGA Tour staff and experience the same process, equipment and fitting technology that the best players in the world rely on to improve their game.

For availability or to book an appointment at either location, please call Andy Dobson at 888-262-7202 or 760-603-6117.

Brice Waddell
Titleist Golf Clubs Marketing 


Tony, get set...you are going to have a lot of fun!  AJAR is spot on for this.

I did the fitting in October and I would encourage you to bring EVERYTHING.  This is important so that you can get a baseline of where you are "at" vs. what could be....That being said, the fitters do an incredible job of evaluating all your current equipment. 

The range balls are even numbered so you hit the exact ball (ProV1 or ProV1x) that you are used to back home!  They even divide them between wedge balls and irons/woods since the wedge balls get torn up quicker so you have fresh balls!

The scenery is gorgeous at the facility, this is the first hole when you drive in.   There are 4 mock holes at the facility along with a short game area.   Plenty of opportunities to fine tune your equipment!

The fitters will evaluate your current equipment from length, swing weight, to grip sizes...plus as you can see there are plenty of choices!  This was the iron evaluation area, there is a seperate area for woods and I went to the other side of the range to work on wedges. 

Very cool experience, even if you are a 25 handicap you will find this no shortcut to finding the best equipment for your game to be the ultimate experience!

Have fun!


Tom P

Check out our video that was posted today.  Access it by clicking Videos from the home page....Awesome facility and an awesome experience.