910 H Shaft comparison chart

Is the chart still available online for the 910 hybrid?  I'm looking for the one (similar to the link below)  that shows graphically spin/launch.  Search came up empty...


Appears to be gone.  Probably best to ask the concierges which shaft you are looking at.  The "by Titleist" shafts have been replaced.  The Ka'ili is now closest to the S+ and the Ihana is between the S+ and Bassara W (more like the Bassara).  Most of the rest of the shafts are still on the current matrix.

Thanks...that's what I thought.  I'm toying with the idea of replacing my DG steel with a graphite. A local guy is offering a deal on some stock in his back room.

Thought the chart would give we a basis since weather prohibits hitting them.

Thx again