ap1/ap2 combo loft help

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Vito D

I am looking into purchasing an ap1/ap2 combo at the moment and a few things concern me.

I am considering ap1 4-7 and ap2 8-gw

If i do choose this configuration, there will be a 6 degree difference between the ap1 7 and the ap2 8 which i think is too much of a difference.

What combination do most customers settle on and how do they adjust the loft difference if they do at all?

What do you recommend as the best option as far as the combo make up and adjusting lofts?

thank you 


Curtis M

I went 4-6 AP1 and had the 6 iron bent to 30 degrees.   7-w2 AP2.    4 degree gap between every club other than 4-5 which is 3 degree difference.   But thats just mine.