Should I get my irons fitted to me?

At a charity event I played in last year, A friend i played with the previous year suggested i get fitted to my irons. Obviously, I know that with fitting comes much more consistency with distance and ball strike. I only started golfing last year but i am shooting roughly a 10 handicap. Overall, I am just curious if it will significantly improve my game, or if it wouldn't have much of an effect on me.  Any input is appreciated.  


As long as you have a fairly consistent swing I would definitely suggest getting fitted. It will help with your ball striking as well as accuracy, the proper shaft can also help with ball flight control as well as distance. Being that you are around a 10 handicap I would have to guess that you are pretty consistent as far as making the same swing every time, I would look up a local shop that has certified fitters and make an appointment. That being said if you plan on fitting your current set to your game you will have to look at whether your irons are forged or cast because if they are cast you will only be able to bend them so far, generally only about 1-2* but if they are forged you can bend them all day long. Also if you need to make a shaft change this can get quite costly so it may be a better option to look into purchasing a new set that is custom made for you.

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Any time that you can get your equipment made for your swing is an opportunity for improvement. Your local PGA Professional / Club fitter can become your best friend when you look to change clubs and make improvements in your game.

Most people don't realize the difference properly fitted clubs can make with thier game. Once they get it done, they can't believe that they didn't do it sooner.

The fact that you are a 10 handicap after playing only one year is pretty impressive and indicates that you are most likely pretty consistent with your swing.  I would certainly pursue getting your clubs fitted to your swing.  All of the clubs, not just the irons, should be properly fitted.  Doing this will take any of the equipment variables out of the mix and the rest will be up to you!  I think you will be surprised that you will probably pick up a few strokes with properly fitted clubs.

Getting your irons fit to you is one of the best things you can do for your game. Personally, I experienced a big difference when I got my irons fit to my swing. I would definitely recommend getting your irons fit and watch your scores go lower!


I have just been to Titleist UK for an iron fitting.  The Trackman and fitter analyse how you hit the ball and come up with the best combination of specifications for your swing.  I was consistent in how I hit the ball and you cans see the results straight away.  I would recommend this if you have a fitter nearby or go to a demo day.

Yes. Definitely get fitted!

You wouldn't just walk into a shoe store and grab any box you see. You'd make sure that you'd get the right size. 

I just purchased a new set of AP1 714's 4-gw with Xp 75 stiff shaft but wasn't fitted for them,I only hit some balls with them first and I loved their feel... Everything from my setup and ball striking felt natural but now I am worried I made a big mistake by not getting fitted, something I have never done... I have been playing for about 4 years and my HDP was around a 9 before getting injured in the military. Before I was playing with a standard set of cleve TA 3's and my swing felt great but after I got hurt I couldn't play for a while and sold them only to start playing again last yr with a set of TM burner 2.0 standard which a friend gave me so I would play again but everything felt awful. My setup was terrible and I never felt like my swing plane was natural or consistent. But after hitting the AP1's I felt like my old self before getting hurt. My setup and swing felt natural and comfortable again with the lie of the clubs sitting perfect. I got a heck of a deal on my new clubs and felt great about everything until I read the importance of getting fitted... did I screw up.? What should I do now, my new clubs are still in the plastic but I don't have an authorized titleist fitter close to where I live. They feel great but I'm just worried. Thanks

Without a doubt it isa smart thing to do.  Your PGA professional will get you set up properly for your swing.  Then it is up to you to actually go and purchase the clubs.  

If you're serious about your game, you should seriously get fitted.

The oceanside tour fitting experience is second to none.

Good luck!