Oceanside fitting facility

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Ryan B

How much does it typically cost for a full bag fitting at the Oceanside facility? I would love to plan a trip out there but I don't really know what it is costwise. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Bill S

I had a full fitting there last May and it cost $500.

The 3 hours spent was a great experience. Beautiful range, track man is very cool. Learned a lot and got fit for a full bag of clubs which are working quite well.

I will never use an off the rack shaft again. (Unless the data shows a fitter that I should)


Ryan B

How do you go about booking a fitting there?  The cost is a lot more reasonable than what I was thinking it would be.  Thanks for the reply!

Bill S

And I should have mentioned, everybody I dealt with in the process was very friendly and professional.

My fitter Robert B listened to me when I explained what I was looking for and was very patient working with me. I'm a 55 year old 15 handicap.

I expect that I will go back for a checkup sometime in the future.