Golf shaft surgery?

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Dan W

Hello all,

I've been going to local golf shops trying out all the new gear that's coming out. I've noticed that I have an easier time of getting that "nailed it" feeling when I hit a driver of shorter (45"-ish) length versus the longer (>45.5") ones. It also feels like it's easier to control and I can hit what I'm aimed at. How do you figure out what's the proper length (for you) for a driver?


Kurt V

Take your current driver blow off the grip and shorthen it by no more than 1/4" at a time. I have done this with a Senior tour player. He wants drivers built at 46".  He will then nibble off 1/4" at a time until he gets the control he wants. He typically plays a 441/2" but has drivers as long as 451/2. With the shorter shaft his contact improves and his distance actually gets better. 

Hit the longest shaft that you can consistently control. Even if you are a few yards shorter you will score better as you second shots aren't chipping out from the rough.