913F OR 913Fd

Started by : Kevin K |

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Kevin K

I have a 913D2 Driver and a 913H Hybrid. I am a Hi Handicap player, which Fairway Wood is easier to hit off of the Turf / 913F or 913Fd

Keith M

Test each one out if you can at a demo day and get fit for them.  That would be the optimal solution.

If that's not a viable option, if you're a high handicapper (as am I), I opted for the Fd.  I have no problems hitting it off the turf.  Not occasionally snap hooking into the trees, well that's a different story. 


Kevin, I would recommend you try the the 913F since it has a higher launch angle than the Fd model as well as it may be easier to hit in a variety of surface conditions such as rough, fairway, etc...

Good Luck!