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Peter H


I was looking at the upcoming Titleist Fitting days and there is one coming to my state about a week or two after the Vokey SM5s are released. I am looking to get the SM5s but I would like to hit a couple of different bounces and grinds especially with all the new options available. I was just wondering if the fitting day will have the SM5s or not, and if they would, would they have different options for me to try out?


Peter Hansen

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The Fitting Reps won't be able to fit for the SM5s until 2/28.  If fitting date is after 2/28, the Rep will have all the lofts/grinds to try.



Peter H

Ok, this is great.... Can't wait till they come out!!



Looking forward to the snow melting so I can get fitted for some wedges!