How Long Do Custom Clubs Take To Ship?

Very good news!  We just received a shipment from True Temper and it will now undergo inspection and hopefully be released to build in the next 2-3 days!  Although we were told that it would be 2-3 weeks more, they made an effort to push up the shipment and it arrived earlier than they anticipated. 

Bryan K

Hey Cathi, I hate to be the next guy to ask the same question haha but I'm still at a misunderstanding for all of this. I play for a college team and ordered my clubs through coach and Titleist had a few questions where my order info had issues yesterday and today so I presume that my clubs have been finished today. Considering that, I live in New York, should I see them next thursday or so?

We have our opening spring tournament on friday and I'm ITCHING to put these in play. Thanks!

Hi Bryan,  Please have your coach call our college department and check on the clubs - the spinner shafts were backordered, but we did receive them and wedges have started shipping. 


Inquiring as to whether the S300's passed inspection?  Should we expect that clubs will be built and shipped, soon?

Most of the shafts were released to build this morning and should ship first thing next week. 

I was wondering about when I'd receive my 3 custom clubs that I ordered on 3/31/14. I ordered from a golf specialty store in Lincoln, NE. The 3 clubs are a 712U 2 iron with Dynamic Gold X100, a 52.12 SM5 Tour chrome with X100 shaft, and a 58.08 SM5 with X100 shaft tour chrome. Thanks!!!


I ordered a set of AP2's with XP105 S300 on Monday 4/14 through my golf club. I was going through this thread and saw that earlier this month a shipment of these shafts arrived and passed your inspection. Can I assume the irons I got ordered will be shipping next week? No custom specs outside of the shaft selection. I just was curious if these shafts were still in stock or if I should be tempering my expectation to when they will arrive.  Thank you in advance.