Effect on Swingweight from Shortening Driver Length

I have a Titleist 913D3 with a Fujikura Motore Speeder VC7.2 Tour Spec. I ordered this driver at a 44.75" length and a D4 swingweight. I wanted to shorten my driver by 1/2 an inch from the butt of the shaft. I have heard people say that every 1/2 an inch is about 2 or 3 swingweight points and that 1 swingweight point is 2 grams. I have an 11 gram blue weight on the driver head. So if I did cut down my driver length by 1/2 an inch, I wouldn't be able to return to at least a D3 swingweight without lead tape? I know that titleist's heaviest weight for the driver head is a 14g black dot weight, which will only bring back 1.5 points on swingweight. Also, will cutting down only 1/2" in length affect the flex? I've heard that 1/2" from the butt of the shaft shouldn't do any effect on shaft flex, but just curious to make sure. Thanks. 


Shortening your driver to 44.25" with the 14g bezel weight will result in a swing weight of D3.  Also, those shafts have enough butt section to accommodate these type of length changes without effecting the flex.



I have my 913D3 at 44.5" with the Graphite Design DI 7 shaft & 14g weight in it, came out to a D3.5 sw with 50g grip. I don't know if their is any differences in the balance points between the 2 shafts, however you may consider using a Golf Pride multi-compound grip, (the older series are 46g) that will help to get sw up a little also.