Light weight shaft for AP2

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Tim P

Hi all,

I am currently using 5.5 Project X shafts in my AP2 - 712 irons.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a lighter steel shaft weighing around 95 - 100 grams which is designed to have a low or medium ball flight. 

I'm looking to increase my ball / club head speed but most steel shafts I have looked at which are lighter tend to be designed have a high ball flight which I don't require.

Can anyone help?





Hi Tim,

Thanks for the question.  

The Steel Fiber 95 (S) and KBS Tour 90 (S) are two shafts in the 95-100 gram range designed to create low-mid launch.  

It's always best to see a Titleist fitter so you can observe ball flight, feel, etc., but these are a couple options to keep in mind.

Let us know if you have any further questions.



Tim P

Awesome, thanks. After doing a little research they were the shafts I was looking at so that's great you confirmed what I was looking at!

Also... I actually am a Titleist fitter but only recently qualified :)

Thanks very much.