913 D2 vs D3

Started by : Frank S |

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Frank S

I'm looking into grabbing a 913 driver. Other than the size of the head what is the difference between the two. Assuming someone is a good ball striker, what does one gain from the D3 vs the D2 or vice versa.

chris b

I own the 913 D2 and love it!  Never would trust anything else 

D2= larger head, more forgiving 

D3= easier to work the ball (Left to right, right to left) for the better player, smaller head 

460 cc vs 445cc

Frank S

Any difference distance wise?

chris b

I didn't see any. I may just not generate enough club head speed  my deciding factor was the forgiveness. Once you find the right shaft combination you won't go wrong. I can't underestimate the importance of getting fitted. It makes all the difference in the world.