Putting my 913F Three Wood shaft in My 913D2 Driver

Started by : Pat F |

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Pat F

I need a shorter shaft.  What would happen if I put my titleist 913F three wood shaft in my 913D2 driver.  I have the Bassarra shaft in both clubs.  My swing speed is 95 mph and I am a 14 hadicap.

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Hi Pat, 

Thanks for the question.

First, the adapter on the 913 Fairways is different than the adapter on the 913 driver, it is not transferable.

If you are looking to have a 913 driver adapter put on your current 913F shaft, it will effect the feel and performance. Typically, a shorter shaft will play stiffer. A shorter shaft can also lead to more control and many times, more solid contact. 

However, because this would be such a big change, I would strongly recommend seeing a local fitter to try the shorter length first. These changes are all player dependent. 

Hope this helps.