Driver, 3 wood shaft fitting ???

Hey everyone,

Was just fitted for a Project X Tour Issue X-7A3 (7.0 , 76 gram shaft) for a 913 D3 but was told to go with the Project X Tour Issue

X-8B4 (6.5 , 83 gram shaft) for my 913 fd 3 wood. Any thoughts on why he suggested a different shaft flex? I would think to 

get the 7.0 in both shafts, but heavier in the 3 wood. I have a swing speed between 118-122. 2 handicap. 

Any suggestions or comments on what to go with would be appreciated. Thx


That would be a good question to ask your fitter and let us know what he says!

The fitter has not replied to my email I sent him a week ago, but I asked someone at a local big box store and he said that its probably because you don't have the same swing speed with a 3 wood as you do with a driver.

There are several reasons why you could be fit into a softer flex.  One is that the heavier gram weighted shaft is usually a tad firmer so the 6.5 in the heavier version might allow you to get the ball in the air easier than the 7.0 and provide better launch conditions.  Another may be that your swing with the driver is not the same as your swing with the faiway.  You may not go at it as hard as you do the driver.  But, the person that knows the answer to that would be your fitter. 


The fitter did respond to me late yesterday. He's from Golftec and told me he was on vacation.

Thanks for your response though it seams there are a lot of opinions out there. I got a message back from Chris on the Titleist Canada website and he suggested putting the same shafts in the 3 wood as the driver, just heavier in the 3 wood.


Most of the time, fitters do fit players into the same flex, but the heavier version in the fairway, but since he did not do that, he must have had thoughts on why he made the change.